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Sadell Bradley

Sadell Bradley


“Without frugality none can be rich and with it very few would be poor.” -Samuel Johnson   

The Greek philosopher Plato said, “The greatest wealth is to live content with little.” For the last two days at my job at MORTAR, a business incubator for aspiring entrepreneurs, our current classes experienced a 3-hour personal finance session. It was fascinating to hear how history, family mores and values…along with decisions…had positively and negatively impacted areas like work, debt and credit, taxes, saving and investing.  As the instructor and our staff meted out best practices and wise philosophies, it was as if a veil was rent in their minds and more consideration was given to how currency flows. We were challenged to use money as a tool toward our goals…and not to just spend it frivolously. To be FRUGAL means sparing or economical with regard to money or food. That’s a story for another day as gluttony is truly a societal ill in the US. FRUGAL also means simple, plain and costing little. It derives from the Latin frugalis, from frugi, which means economical or thrifty.

In our society, most people squander their wealth and income. That’s why our savings rate is only 3% and 47% of Americans can’t cover a $400 emergency. Too numerous are the accounts of athletes and entertainers who amass a fortune and somehow end up bankrupt or in debt. Even more incredible are stories of people like Theodore Johnson, a UPS Worker who never made more than $14,000 in his 45-year career, but invested 20% of his money over that time and grew it to over 70 Million dollars!  He then donated 36 million toward an educational scholarship fund. The Bible speaks about those who live a frugal lifestyle,“There is precious treasure and oil in the dwelling of the wise, but a foolish man swallows it up.” (Proverbs 21:20) Only a fool spends every dollar that comes through their hands. What’s your personal savings rate? 

God gave Joseph both the revelation and grace to act frugally and wisely. By saving and storing to leverage a time of plenty against an upcoming famine, he was able to save not only his family but the realm of Egypt and surrounding nations. In Genesis 41:34-36, at Joseph’s advice and warning, Pharaoh instructed his supervisors to gather and put in storehouses 20% of what was produced in the seven good years and guard it so that there would be enough for the seven lean years. Is that where Theodore Johnson got his savings percentage? Maybe that could be a goal. Frugality is a choice.    

At times we wonder if we should spend on an item or experience. Financial gurus advise sleeping on the decision  to avoid impulse spending and find out if we really need the thing we so desire. Often the answer is no. Emotional spending (and eating) are all too frequent. It is a prudent exercise of self control to have the practice of saying NO to ourselves. Wisdom says, “When in doubt…do without.”  

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Sadell Bradley, Pastor of The Warehouse Church OTR, is a dynamic teacher and worship leader, with over 30 years in ministry in various contexts including: as a conference speaker and trainer, music, worship and arts pastor, providing background vocals for various artists; as a campus missionary, and as a ministry development director.
Sadell’s main desire is to see people saved, healed, delivered and set free by the ministry of Jesus, the Word of God, and presence of the Holy Spirit. (Luke 4:18)

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